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Tree Removal Service in Indianapolis


While trees can be a valuable part of any property, sometimes their removal is necessary. If you need to remove a tree on your property, then Indy Tree & Landscape Inc. can help. We provide tree removal service throughout Indianapolis.

Why Remove a Tree?

Tree removal can happen for many reasons. Some of those reasons might include:

  • Your tree is dead: If you have a dead tree, then it doesn’t contribute anything but pest problems and potential liability for injury and fire. Let us remove it to keep your property safe.
  • Your tree is unhealthy: Pest infestations, tree diseases, or age can make your tree sick. We can safely remove your tree to stop potential disease or pest movement.
  • Your tree is damaged: Did your tree receive damage from a storm? That tree not only can be unattractive but also potentially dangerous.
  • Your tree is too close: If your tree is too close to utility lines or your property structures, then that could pose a danger. Remove that danger with our help.
  • Your tree is inconvenient: Sometimes, the location of the tree is simply inconvenient to you. Whether your tree blocks a nice view or creates too much shade, we can trim or remove the tree to your specifications.

Whatever the case may be, get in touch with us to remove your tree safely, completely, and efficiently. We will even remove the stump so you can use the space for whatever you wish.

Why Choose Us?

Indy Tree & Landscape Inc. is dedicated to providing quality tree care, including tree removal. We can easily handle trees of any size on both commercial and residential properties. We also utilize the right equipment and have all the right insurance for your protection.

Please call us today at (317) 293-7299 or fill out our free estimate form to get started.

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